The Fortenova Group expands energy production from biomass

Energija Gradec/Screenshot Fortenova grupa

After the recently announced takeover of a 26 percent share of A.N.P Energija by the company Prosperus FGS, the Fortenova group has now negotiated the takeover of an additional share of 39 percent owned in A.N.P Energija by Inspire Investments.

After the transactions with the companies Prosperus and Inspire, the Fortnenova Group will effectively own all the shares in the company ANP Energija through direct ownership of 65 percent along with the existing share of 35 percent already owned through its limited company in the sole ownership of Agrokor Energija.

ANP energija is the sole owner of Energija Gradec, a company under whose management are five biogas electric power plants in Slavonia and central Croatia with an installed capacity of 9.8 MW, which uses biomass from the agricultural production of the Fortenova Group for the generation of electricity from biogas. 

These transactions will enable the Group a break from non-basic investments and free considerable value for the agricultural segment by fully consolidating the activities of biogas production in Energija Gradec – the  Fortenova Group posted on its official website.