Only one of the nine European chargers is the fast one

Foto: Sophie Jonas, Unsplash

In addition to the obvious lack of electric vehicle charging stations in the European Union, the problem of a stronger momentum of electromobility is also created by the small number of fast charging points. According to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), of the 225,000 public chargers currently available in the EU, only 25,000 can be used to quickly charge electric cars. In other words, writes Energetika-net, only one of the nine European chargers is the fast one, with a power of more than 22 kW.

Therefore, charging an electric car using one of these approximately 200,000 chargers with a power of less than 22 kW can take all night. Using a fast charger shortens the charging time to less than an hour. “In order to convince as many citizens as possible to switch to electromobility, we need to remove all barriers related to charging,” said ACEA CEO Eric-Mark Huitema.

ACEA states that in Croatia in 2020 there were 483 charging points for power less than 22 kW and 187 more powerful than 22 kW, and the share of fast charging points in the total number of chargers was 27.9 percent. Latvia had the largest share of fast chargers, 235, with 56 charging points for less than 22 kW. This is the share of fast in the total number of filling stations of as much as 80.8 percent. On the other hand, of the 96 electric vehicle charging stations in Malta, none was more powerful than 22 kW last year.

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