The European Commission Proposes Raising the Climate Goal for 2030 to at Least 55 Percent

Predsjednica Europske Komisije Ursula von der Leyen/EP
Predsjednica Europske Komisije Ursula von der Leyen/EP

The President of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen,  officially called out for the goal of reducing emissions of greenhouse gases by at least 55% up to 2030 in her speech regarding the state in the European Union. That is a significant rise in the relation of the present goal of 40 percent and would set the EU on a credible road to climate neutrality.

In her address to the representatives, Von der Leyen referred to the achievements of the Commission in the previous year and laid out a series of new EU proposals. The new plans – which should help the European economy recover from the crisis caused by the pandemic – include measures for European minimal wages and enhanced commitment to the European Green Plan.

“The European Commission will propose raising the goals for reducing emissions of harmful gases by the year 2030 by a minimum of 55 percent in comparison with the levels from 1990”, Von der Leyen said. She pointed out that 37 percent of the 750 billion EUR from the EU recovery plan should be invested in the objectives from the European Green Plan and that 30 percent of those 750 billion should be procured by issuing green bonds.

The assessment of the effects of the European Commission showed that the goal is attainable and beneficial for Europe. This proposal has to be endorsed by the national governments and European Parliament in the coming months.

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