The best suppliers selected for the allocation of market premiums and guaranteed purchase price

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On the basis of the implemented public tender to the allocation of market premiums and guaranteed repurchase price for promoting renewable energy source production and co-generation of 12 November 2020, that was open until 14 December, the Croatian energy market operator (HROTE) brought a  Decision on the selection of the most favourable bidder for the allocation of a market premium and guaranteed repurchase price.

A total of 107 bids were received of which 14 for the allocation of market premiums (biomass and bio gas to 2 MW) and 93 for the allocation of a guaranteed repurchase price, whereby the right to premium and guaranteed repurchase price was attained by 71 project holders: seven of them will receive a market premium ( HROTE will count the premium as the spread between the negotiated and average market price for each one of them on a monthly basis) and 64 the guarantee repurchase price. The greatest numbers of awardees is among solar plants so that our of the overall number of winning bids, 57 relate to solar plants (50.500 kW), four to hydro-electric plants (50-500 kW) and five each for biomass electricity plants (50kW-2 MW) and biogas (500 kW-2MW).

On the other hand, the bids of 33 projects holders were established as invalid and were not taken into consideration (three for premium allotment and 30 for guaranteed price allotment), while four bids were valid but were not approved (two for premium allotment and two for guaranteed  repurchase price allotment).

The public tender set maximum reference prices for all groups of plants. The lowest maximum reference prices were established for solar plants -630KN/MWh (the winning offer with a minimum reference price was 468 HRK/Mwh) and the highest for biomass – 1330 HRK/MWh  (winning offer with the minimum reference price amounted to 1329 HRK/MWh).

The cumulative results of the implemented public tender/HROTE

The project holders who gained the right to a premium or guaranteed repurchase price are obliged to submit to HROTE with 15 days guarantees for the construction ofa  production plant after which they conclude an agreement with HROTE on the market premium, i.e., guaranteed repurchase price.

Otherwise, the overall connection power of all the winning offers in this tender amounts  to 25.3 MW while the quota from the Public tender was 88 MW, However, considering that  all the required legal grounds were brought only in mid 2020, it is to be expected  taht much greater interest will be expressed at the following tender given that  intensive efforts are being exerted for the optimization of the projects.

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