Preparations Underway for the Construction of Three Wind Farms in Slovenia


Last week the Slovenian Government adopted the Decision on the implementation of the state regional plan for the wind farm field Paški Kozjak, the portal announced. In the Paški Kozjak area, four windmills are to be installed with a total capacity of 14 MW, as the Government points out that the planned construction of the WF Paški Kozjak will significantly contribute to the increased production of electricity from renewable sources.

In early July the Government also adopted a decision on the implementation of the state regional plan for the wind farm field Rogatec. The investor Dravske elektrane Maribor, otherwise the largest Slovenian electricity producer from renewable sources has recently undertaken comprehensive measurements and a study of potential locations for locating the wind farms in the north-eastern part of Slovenia. (WF Ojstrica, WF Paški Kozjak, and WF Rogatec). Estimates have shown that 13 wind farms could be constructed with a total power capacity up to 46 MW and planned annual production of 122 GWh, which could cover four percent of Slovenia’s needs for electricity.

The Slovenian development strategy confirms as the targeted value at least a 27 percent share of renewable sources until 2030 in the ultimate consumption of energy, of which 43 percent in the electric energy sector, which is according to the experiences to date a quite ambitious goal and it will be difficult to achieve it without using all potential sources of renewable energy, including the wind.