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Hive Energy Ltd – new RES Croatia member

Hive Energy was founded in 2010 by Giles Redpath to participate in the significant solar PV expansion in the UK. Hive now operates from over 20 countries globally including South Africa, Spain, Canada, Greece, Turkey, Italy, New Zealand, and Serbia.

The Hive Energy Group, headquartered in the UK, is recognised internationally as a trusted large scale renewable energy developer. Hive is known for its innovative approach and market leading vision across both renewable energy and circular economy industries.

Hive has established some of the world’s leading solar projects, including the UK’s largest solar park, multiple upcoming green hydrogen plants in Spain, and plans for the world’s largest Green Ammonia plant in South Africa.

Hive is currently developing over 20,000 MW of renewable energy projects.

To date, Hive has deployed over £1.6billion in green energy projects, saving 2,056,595 tonnes of CO2 in 2021 alone.

To save our planet we need a shift in the energy market. Hive is using renewable power to create transformational change to create a cleaner future for our planet. Since 2010 Hive has been expanding their renewable energy portfolio and the team are now exploring new opportunities in green hydrogen, green ammonia, and the circular economy.

Giles Redpath

The company specialise in green energy project planning and development on a large scale. With over 40 completed projects in the UK, Spain, Mexico, and Turkey Hive is an expert in PV development.

Not only do Hive have solar, green hydrogen and green ammonia projects across the globe, but they have dedicated expert teams working on a variety of alternative sustainable technologies.

Inovations and new technologies

Hive Ventures, Hive Aggregates, Hive Carbon, and Hive Ecosystems are all part of the Hive Energy group. The teams are based in the UK and South Africa, with plans to expand our work further around the globe.

The global team are managing multiple innovative solutions and developing new technologies to help save our planet and reduce carbon emissions. Hive is building on their mission to create a better future with the growth of their group companies:

  • Hive Aggregates is based in the UK. Their aim is to reduce waste from the construction industry. Building products and development are both carbon intensive, with the cement industry alone emitting the equivalent carbon as entire countries. The Hive Aggregates are working to create sustainable commodities, using waste products, to help reduce current carbon intensive practices in the cement industry.
  • Hive Carbon is based in South Africa. They utilise invasive plants to create innovative BioChar, using a patented technology. One of the main contributors to greenhouse gasses is methane, from livestock. BioChar can be used in feed to reduce the methane produced by livestock, as well as improving the health of the animals.
  • Hive Ecosystems is also based in South Africa. They are responsible for working with local landowners to offer advice and assistance to help reintroduce vegetation to local environment, boosting agriculture. The team are investigating opportunities for extensive land restoration, with the goal to restore and transform areas of land which have previously been destroyed.

Furter development goals

Hive is still growing its solar portfolio, but also expanding into the green hydrogen and green ammonia space. As well as development into H2 production, Hive is adding wind power to its 20 GW project pipeline. The company are passionate about creating a cleaner future and reducing the impacts of climate change on a global scale

Since Hive is at the forefront of sustainable technologies, they will continue their investment into the circular economy. To date, Hive have supported businesses with ground-breaking, sustainable, alternatives to carbon intensive products, including BioEnergy, chitin manufacturing, and recycling agricultural residues. The Hive Energy group will continue to invest in pioneering technologies and businesses, while introducing renewable energy development across the globe.

Coming to RES Croatia

We have been familiar with the RES Croatia association for several years, and our joining was not in question. Moreover, it was one of the first moves we made after opening an office in Croatia. The association unites all green technologies and different profiles of companies – from investors, developers, manufacturers to consultants, and is a gathering place for almost all relevant participants in the green energy sector in Croatia. Year after year, Maja and her team do an excellent job in raising public awareness of the importance of green energy for our future, and we want to be part of that story.”

Ivo Dubravčić, Country Manager Croatia

Like many European countries, Croatia is committed to building a green future. More and more energy generation in Croatia comes from renewable sources. While only 1% of the produced electricity in Croatia is obtained from solar power plants, Hive sees significant potential in wind and solar power to balance the green energy production structure.

In addition, after initial successful projects in other countries, we look to start development of green hydrogen plants and battery storage systems and over the next few years, we will also consider the possibility of investing in the green hydrogen factory“, says Ivo Dubravčić.

Maja Pokrovac, director of RES Croatia pointed out that only through synergy and joint efforts can the desired gigawats of renewable energy projects in Croatia be achieved:

The European Union declared the development of RES an overriding public interest and all OIEH activities are aimed at a future in which Croatia has as many developed RES projects as possible, sufficient for self-sustainability and energy independence. We are extremely pleased that energy companies from England recognize our work and the arrival of the company Hive Energy is an indicator that Croatia’s potential is favourable for the development of new innovative projects such as Hive. Most of our members come from Croatia and the EU, and Hive Energy is our first member to come from England. Croatia needs every new megawat of solar and wind installations and we are happy that Hive Energy will contribute to this goal as well as to better work of the association by participating in our working groups.”

Hive Energy, welcome to RES Croatia!

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