Heat hoisters to save 70 percent of energy and contribute to environmental protection

Foto: Unsplash

Thalassothrapia from Crkvenica will spend 2.5 million HRK in the course in the next few years for investments in modern technologies for the use of renewable energy sources, as reported by Novi list. In the specialized treatment and rehabilitation hospital, the project was presented on Tuesday, 7 September, for increasing its energy efficiency which will save this hospital more than 70 percent of primary energy as well as contribute to the preservation of the environment. According to the presented project, the current works will require another 1.200.00 HRK.

The works relate to the equipping of the engine room of the Crkvenica hospital with an electric heat hoister based on the ‘water-water principle, and introduction of a new hot water consumption heating and sea pool water system from renewable energy sources, which is being implemented within the framework of the recently completed Interreg Adrion Seadrio project.

The project is being developed as part of the Days of blue energy ‘Blue Deal’, in cooperation with the Faculty of Machine Engineering and Shipbuilding in Zagreb and was presented by Prof. Dr.  Neven Duić, professor at the Zagreb Faculty of Machine Engineering and Shipbuilding at the University in Zagreb. He pointed out that natural and renewable energy sources and modern technologies of seawater use as a source of heat have already become a current method of exploitation and in the future only well-prepared projects will find European sources of funds.

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