GEN will be the first in Slovenia to offer the supply of exclusively green electricity


In January GEN will be the first in Slovenia to start supplying consumers exclusively with electricity from environmentally friendly carbonless sources. In 2021, GEN as the largest supplier in Slovenia will deliver to its consumers both from household and business sectors more than 3.150 million kWh of electricity – according to the portal

As it will supply its consumers with electricity without CO2, it will decrease its own carbon footprint by 1.65 million tonnes of CO2 annually as compared to 2019. According to the publicly available data, the annual carbon footprint of an average household is approximately 6 tonnes of CO2.  For 40 percent of all Slovenian households, their carbon footprints on an annual basis will decrease by 2.5 tonnes. In Croatia, the GEN Group has placed solar plants for business consumers and has at this point in time reached a capacity of 700kW. They plan to expand further in the segment of solar plants for business consumers and initiate projects of on-shore non-integrated solar plants.

Wind for sustainability

Hein Prisen, the senior consultant at the Dutch Ecological-Consultant Company, Bureau Waardenburg, which employs 130 workers and is one of the largest of its kind

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