The Italian Saipem plans the construction of wind farms in the Adriatic Sea


The Italian company Saipem signed an agreement on the development of a wind farm in the northern Adriatic with a capacity of 350 megawatts (MW) – the Italian group for providing services in the energy sector announced. Saipem negotiated the construction of 56 offshore wind turbines on two locations in the northern Adriatic, not far from the Italian city of Ravenna with producers of energy from renewable sources AGNES and QINT’X. The project also includes floating solar technology and the production of green hydrogen.

According to unofficial information, the value of the new project in the northern Adriatic could reach up to 600 million EUR while it is expected that the wind farm will start operating in the course of the next three years.

Saipem is the market leader in the sector of underwater research and construction and as of late  has increased its engagement on off shore wind farm projects, expanding its business operations to accommodate the demand of clients ever more focused on green technologies. The company also plans to build floating wind farms in Saudi Arabia, Sicily, and Sardinia.

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