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RUDAN is a new member of Renewable Energy Sources of Croatia

The Company Rudan Ltd. has been active on the market since 1994 and in the course of its business operations has gone through an evolutionary process that has seen it develop from a small, one could say a crafts facility, into a company with more than 170 employees and annual revenue of more than 80 million HRK.

Every drop counts

The basic activity of the company is to save water in large systems as well as energy efficiency. It was the first on the market to begin providing services of saving water according to the ESCO (Energy Service Company) model. Investing in its resources, in its financial and intellectual capital, and applying the acquired knowledge it attained measurable results for its clients – namely, saving water. It developed specific tools for the digital collection of data in real-time, their transfer and storage followed by processing and interpretation. This basic part of the analysis is the point of departure for determining the future activities in achieving water saving as well as in the maintenance of the new state. The results of the development are specific applicable ‘tailor-made’ solutions under the brands Aquacontrol and Energo Monitor, now already quite widely spread and recognized on the market. Given that the investment return and service charge are covered by the achieved water-saving and that Rudan Ltd. takes on the obligation of infrastructure maintenance during the contract duration, clients have no additional expenses.

A step ahead of time

Fifteen or so years ago when it was quite usual to manually read electric meters, Rudan was already offering a remote solution of collecting, processing, and analyzing large quantities of data – regardless of the distance or inaccessibility of the meter. It was a step ahead of time, but the working principle remains the same today. The only changes were in the technologies of data transmission which were moving in the  5G network direction. The detection of water leakage, interventions, hard facility management, an R&D department which develops and promotes information, digital tools and applications for the needs of energy management, the designing of energy measures, consulting and assistance in bringing the optimal solutions and appropriate use – all this is done by Rudan for its clients, building in the process a long-term partners relationship.

Energy Recovery and RES Use

The natural path to the development of further business activities led toward energy recovery wherein it focused its experience and acquired know-how in the achievement of savings, primarily in the field of construction. Bearing in mind that one of the key factors of integral energy recovery is the reduction of the CO2 footprint, through work on such projects it promoted the use of RES, mostly in the forms of solars and heat elevators.

In the course of the last six years, the company has gradually diversified its business activities through investments in the tourist sector. In addition to becoming increasingly significant in the company’s portfolio, tourist facilities follow Rudan’s fundamental postulates- they have to be energy efficient. In the rational and optimal management of energy, Rudan applies the know-how it acquired in its ‘core’ activity.

The environment we naturally belong to and in which we wish to act

The creation of new values makes the company happy, keeps it business ready and highly motivated. It invests in new projects, monitors new opportunities and possibilities on the market. It is flexible and acts quickly in the face of favorable business opportunities. It is therefore not surprising that it has recognized a new sunlit direction on the horizon.

“Investing in the development of its own solar plants is one of the key strategic goals of the company in the mid-term period. The once personal and low-key wishes have crystallized today into measurable values and results we as a company wishes to achieve. We have embarked on this road aware that it is riddled with obstacles but are certain that we can overcome them through hard work”, Damir Benčić, the CEO of Rudan Ltd. pointed out adding that membership in the OIEH is a serious step that confirms their intentions.

Damir Benčić, CEO of Rudan Ltd.

For some time now, and more intensively in the past year, we have been following the work and results achieved by OIEH. We consider its work excellent and proactive not only in promoting but also in creating new “green and renewable policies”, and that is the environment we naturally fit into and in which we wish to be active. We want to be active stakeholders of a strong team and give our contribution to the development of projects in the direction we deem appropriate. In addition, we want to learn. We believe a synergy achieved in this way will come to the fore sooner in the form of achieved results, both in the economic interest of individuals as well as the broader community. The direction of movement has been clear for quite some time. If we as a society have missed yesterday’s opportunity to be green and renewable, let’s not miss today’s.”

Maja Pokrovac, Director of Renewable Energy Sources of Croatia (OIEH), welcoming the new member added: I am very happy that a company with such rich business experience, strong motivation for further development, and a clear vision for developing projects in the RES sector was joining OIEH. The investment of know-how and joint activities, the principle Rudan Ltd. has been following for almost three decades, is precisely the way we have been working in the OIEH since the very beginning. We bring together companies that can bring about positive changes through joint efforts and achieving their own business advancement can also contribute to the advancement of the broader community. I am pleased that Rudan will contribute to this synergy with its know-how, experience, and ideas.

 Youth and Experience – the Best Combination

They wish to remain recognizable on the market, pointing out that it has become increasingly demanding to remain on top, considering the intensity of the competition. However, they are aware of their own qualities and advantages. Their business foundations are deeply rooted in knowledge and experience while fresh energy is brought in by a young, promising, and educated workforce. Their employment opens up new horizons and their aspirations transcend the boundaries of Croatia. Experience and youth in Rudan grow together towards the future.

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