HVAR – Islands leading the energy transition

Foto: Maks Petković

In cooperation with the Municipality of Jelsa, Renewable Energy Sources Croatia (RESC), Vivo Somnia, and the Green Energy Cooperative, the Island Movement is organizing a free training called ‘Islands leading the energy transition’, which will be held on November 12 in Jelsa on the island of Hvar.

In addition to getting acquainted with the strategy of the island of Hvar on the transition to clean energy, you will learn more about photovoltaic power plants for citizens, energy efficiency, and energy associations of citizens. You will also get the opportunity to answer questions from our experts and you will be able to participate in the discussion after the lecture.

“The islands are recognized as ideal places that can lead the transition to clean energy and development towards a sustainable society,” said Maja Pokrovac, director of RESC.

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