Handbook of technological solutions for the energy transition of the island

Foto: Pixabay

The Secretariat for Clean Energy of the EU Islands presented the Handbook of Available Technological Solutions for Energy Transition on the Islands. The handbook provides an overview of commercially available energy technologies for the purpose of advancing island communities in the transition to clean energy and is available online.

For each technology, a brief description is presented first, followed by the advantages and disadvantages of implementing the technology on the islands. The handbook also contains examples from European islands that can serve as inspiration for application in their own island local communities.

At the end of the handbook, it is possible to find technological solutions for other areas of transition such as energy efficiency, building energy communities, and developing smart grids.

The authors of the booklet are Lucija Rakočević, Marina Montero Carrero, Ulrich Terblanche, Arnor Van Leemputten, and the collaborators are Christina Protopapadaki, Leen Peeters, Jan Cornillie, Siora Keller, Andries De Brouwer, Gabi Kaiser.

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