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FZOEU: 100 million HRK for using renewable energy source systems

On 30 March, the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency (FZOEU) announced a public invitation for co-financing public entities in the use of renewable energy sources, according to a post on their official website. “The invitation we are announcing is worth 100 million HRK and will be available to a wide circle of users of which many, due to higher energy prices are faced with higher costs of doing business”, Siniša Kukić, the director of FZOEU pointed out.

In order to secure up to 1.4 million grants the invitation will be open to units of regional and local self-government, state administrative bodies, other budgetary and non-budgetary users, institutions, communes, companies, craftsmen, family agricultural estates, private renters as well as those engaged in independent activities and other legal entities (with the exception of associations). For the first time, this includes managers of multiple apartments buildings who will be able to apply on behalf of co-owners as well as religious communities.

The applicants to this invitation will be co-financed by up to 40, 60, or 80% depending on the location of the project and these funds can be obtained for heat lifts, solar heat collectors,  wood pallets, or pyrolytic boilers as well as for integrated photo-voltage plants for the production of electric energy for one’s own use in off-grid or grid plants. In addition to equipment, the drawing up of the main project will also be co-financed as one of the mandatory documents for the application. It is possible to receive for the project up to 40% of the justified price of elaboration, namely, at the most 70.000 HRK per location and while retroactive co-financing will be also possible if applications are not submitted after 24 September 2020, when the Technical regulation on the rational use of energy and building protection began to be applied. In order to ensure the qualitative implementation of the planned project, the justified cost also includes expert supervision also co-financed up to 40% of the justified implementation cost, namely not more than 56.000 HRK per location. Moreover, an application can also include the installation of various RES systems on a number of locations.

The applicants can send their applications from 31 March, 9:00 am either by registered mail or personally to the reception office of the Fund at the address: Radnička cesta 80, Zagreb. The applications will be processed according to the sequence of their registration up to the time of exhausting the available funds.

The grants for the use of renewable sources in family homes will be available to citizens as well as on the basis of an invitation the announcement of which is expected this autumn.

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