The largest electric ferry trafficking

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Bastø Electric, najveći električni trajekt na svijetu, počeo je ploviti u Norveškoj, a radi se o prvom od tri identična broda

The electric ferry, Baste Electric is 139,2 meters long, 21 meters wide, and was built in the Turkish shipyard Seline. It can accommodate 500 passengers and 200 vehicles or 24 trucks- according to the report of ZEmobility.

The battery capacity is 4.3 MWH and is charged with a voltage of 9 MW. The batteries and quick charging system were provided by Siemens Energy.

Te ferry will navigate on the route oss – Horten, approximately 10 kilometers within the Oslo  Fjord, one of the busiest ferry lines, transporting 3.8 million passengers and 1.8 million vehicles a year.

When all three ferries become operational the CO” emission along this route will decrease by 75 percent. The ferries sail 20 to 24 times a day and the trip lasts about 30 minutes.

Most of our ferries operate on similar routes but a small problem remains how to bring electricity for a  9 MW power charger (in comparison, the most powerful vehicle charger is 350kW).