The Belgian Company Elicio Wind is Developing New Wind Farm Projects in the Pančevo Area

VE Alibunar/Foto: Elicio

The Belgian company Elicio Wind, which has already built two wind farms in Serbia, Alibunar (42 MW) and Malibunar (6MW) plans to continue investing in increasing its share on the green energy market in our country, Kristof Bols, the company’s director for Serbia, confirmed for eKapija. He pointed out that the company is satisfied with the business environment in Serbia and intends to increase its presence. It is aware that the feed-in-tariff model will be suspended, but the company is ready for that since in other European countries it is already operating within the auction system.

“We have initiated new projects on the territory of the City of Pančevo. We have submitted requests to the local self-government authorities and are expecting a positive outcome after the constitution of the new municipal authorities”, Bols told our portal eKapija.

In connection with the benefits for the local self-government in which the wind farm projects are implemented, Bols points out that Elicio has provided donations to the local community and that it will continue to provide financial aid through an agreement on the financing of projects of relevance for the local community. The company will continue to do that in towns where new projects will be initiated.

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