Slovenia revising regulations and facilitating connection of micro-solars to the grid

Foto: Pixabay

Due to complications regarding the fulfillment of requirements from the Instructions for the operation of the system for electric power distribution system which came into force in March, the Slovenian Ministry of Infrastructure prepared new regulations on connecting smaller solar plants to the distribution grid – as reported by Energetika-net.

The new regulations that are already in force simplify the originally perceived procedures and eliminating thereby problems in the implementation of the Instructions for the operation of the electric power distribution system. According to the latest data more than 600 new production plants are waiting to be connected to the grid, which could seriously threaten the achievement of national goals in the field of renewable energy sources and cause unnecessary economic damage.

According to the opinion of the Ministry, the new Regulations encompasses all the connectivity procedures that are currently underway and resolve, in an appropriate and proportional manner, the problems appearing in the course of grid connections.