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WPD Windmanager Croatia – new member of the Renewable Energy Sources of Croatia

10 countries throughout the world

513 wind farms

2445 wind turbines

5.259 MW of total installed power

A new member – the company WPD Windmanager Croatia has joined the Renewable Energy Sources of Croatia (OIEH), a market leader in the overall technical and commercial management of wind farms.

The German group WPD Windmanager is engaged in the technical and business management of wind farms and is present in ten countries throughout the world. It has in its portfolio 513 wind farms and 2445 wind turbines with a total of 5,259 MW of installed power. Within the framework of its wind turbine portfolio the company works with numerous equipment producers and its clients include individual investors, groups and institutional investors. It has been operating in Croatia for nine years. More specifically, it has been present since 2008 as a team within the company WPD Enersys and from 2011 as a separate entity.

In other words, given that the group had wind farms in Croatia in various phases of implementation and ultimately in operation and considering the need for an equal level and quality of management as in other countries, the establishment of the company in Croatia in 2011 was the logical course of action. Today, the subsidiary of WPD Windmanager, headed by director Marijana Baričević has in its portfolio five wind farms, whereby for four wind farms (WF Trtar-Krtolin, WF Orlice, WF Ponikve, WF Katuni) it is responsible for the entire business and technical management, while for one wind farm (WF Jasenice) it operates the overall technical management aspects of the plant. It plans to continue expanding its portfolio and through its membership in OIEH to continue working on the strengthening of the renewable source energy sector as a whole.

“For quite some time now we have been monitoring the development of the market and are convinced that the of stagnation caused by the absence of political will and support is coming to an end, including the lack of a concrete legal, business and entrepreneurial setting and foundation for the development of renewable sources. Given that WPD Windmanagers as a company is present in 10 countries, we expect that Croatia too will actually, and not only formally, follow world and European trends in the development of renewable energy sources. In that since we see the association as a reliable and engaged partner, driver of changes and as a community that gathers participants and actors in the sector in order to promote and stimulate it through the synergy of business activities and accelerate its development. Considering the nature of the activity we are engaged in and our focus on providing services to wind farms, we consider the membership, among other, as an opportunity for the development of new partnerships, exchange of information and cooperation in the promotion of the sector. Also along those lines for following and supporting the optimization of legal regulations related to renewable energy sources and the electric power market”, Baričević emphasized.

Maja Pokrovac, director of OEIH welcomed the new member and expressed satisfaction that a company such as WPD Winmanager Croatia, a leader in its business segment has joined the association:

We are pleased that the added value of OIEH has been recognized because only by synergic activities we can achieve more and better. The know-how and experience of our new member will without doubt contribute to these objectives. The management service is a very important link in the entire system since high quality management increases the accessibility of the plant, and consequently its efficiency. The service is independent of the ownership of the plant or equipment technology and given the trends and  planned projects, we are convinced that the request for it  will only grow,” Pokrovac pointed out.

The service package offered by WPD Windmanager is exceptionally broad and comprehensive. Through technical management it optimizes the continual operational capacities of the wind aggregates ensuring increased output. Consequentially to the above mentioned, the company, among other ensures 24/7 monitoring and field support. The services of  commercial management of the wind farms include management of contracts, insurances and permits and support to tax and legal advisers, Thereby the clients are in a position to put together an individual package or system of services according to their needs.

Te company plans to increase its growth in Croatia, expand its team and client portfolio. Baričević points out that their goal is to change the popularly accepted and often negative perceptions on renewable energy sources as unstable and unreliable, as a resource that causes disruptions in supply and distribution and does not offer a sufficiently reliable investment source: “Our goal is among other  to provide investors with a continual and detailed insight into  business  activities and operation of the wind farms, the control and optimization of work, components and  service teams, cooperation with partners and local communities and through high quality management have an impact on increasing yields”, the director of the Croatian branch of WPD Windmanager pointed out.  

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