Končar awarded the first contract in history for a hydroelectric power plant in Japan

Foto: Pixabay

In mid-May 2021, the KONČAR Group – Generators and Motors (GIM) – achieved an immeasurable breakthrough on the Asian market. Namely, after a two-year continual process of bidding and negotiations, for the first time in its history GIM was awarded a large job in Japan. The scale of supply from the signed agreement includes the design, production, and supervision of the installation of three generators for two different small hydroelectric power plants (MHE) – the company announced.

The first phase of the project will be completed by successfully commissioning a synchronous generator with the rated power of 5.2 MVA (240 mn-1) in a small hydroelectric power plant Shin Sakagami, while the second phase will be completed when the 5,2MVA rated power synchronous generator (240 mn-1) and an asynchronous generator with the rated power of 0.545 MW (360 mn-1) are commissioned at the MHE Shin Utsubo.

The agreement is the result of the successful synergy between GIM and the Austrian turbine contractor and in the next three years, it is necessary to prove and justify the awarded trust of the Japanese consultants. After all, this is the first time that Japanese investors have opted for a generator supplier from Europe so GIM does not solely represent itself here but is as a pioneer opening up the market to other European market producers.

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