The new prototype of hypercar C_Two tested at Rimac Automobile

Na slici: c_two
Na slici: c_two

A video clip that was recently launched by Rimac Automobile marked the beginning of testing the hypercar C_Two prototype. This electric cehicle will after years of announcements, development, crash tests and computer simulations finally appear in its physical form on the roads and test tracks the  world  over.  To date the first few prototypes have been subjected to tests in which the dynamics of the vehicle, propulsion system and safety were verified – according to reports posted on the portal

The next round of testing with as many as 17 cars will focus on collecting additional data and pushing the possibilities of the hypercar to its utmost limits in order to ensure that all the components are optimally prepared for the beginning of the pre-production phase sometime early next year. Mate Rimac emphasized on this occasion that the C_Two will yield extreme performances and a completely new driving experience and at the same time be a masterwork   in regard to its technical and engineering  characteristics.

This process of testing and refinement is crucial for keeping our promise that the C_Two will be something completely different”, Rimac pointed out.

The production model of C_Two will be presented at the automobile fair in Geneva and the first buyers should be able to get the car by the end of 2020 –   Bug reported.

he final model will be somewhat different from the one we saw  in the course of this and last year. In the meantime changes were made  in the specifications and the  design, ergonomics and performances were improved. Likewise, the C_Two will by that time lose it nickname Concept and the production model will get a completely new name. The testing is carried out in the Porsche testing centre in Italy.

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