The HES Kosinj project soon to attain status of a strategic investment project

Vizualizacija buduće brane Kosinj / Foto: MINGOR

The Ministry of the Economy and Sustainable Development and Hrvatska Elektroprivreda – HEP (Croatian Electric Power Group) have concluded an Agreement on the preparation and implementation of the strategic project Hydro-energy system Kosinj (HES Kosinj)- as announced by HEP. The agreement was signed by minister Tomislav Ćorić and the CEO of HEP, Frane Barbarić. On the basis of the signed Agreement, a proposal will be presented to the Government of the Republic of Croatia to bring a decision on the proclamation of the HES Kosin project as a strategic investment project of the Republic of Croatia in line with the Law on strategic investment projects of the Republic of Croatia – The Ministry of the Economy and Sustainable Development announced.

“Without any hesitation, I can proclaim this day as an exceptional one for the Croatian energy system due to the fact that the largest investment in the recent history of the Croatian Electric Power system is soon to become a   strategic one. In support of the fact that we have at hand a complex project is above all the realization that its comprehensive implementation will contribute to the achievement of a number of national goals – a greater share of electric power generation from renewable sources, solving the problem of floods and development of a highly needed energy infrastructure. Taking into consideration the plan of creating a de-carbonized Europe in line with the European Green Plan guidelines, it is yet one more proof that Croatian is thinking and moving forward towards green, namely, renewable – Minister Čorić underlined.

The HES project includes the construction of the accumulation lake Kosin with the dams Kosinj, Sedlo, and Bakovac, curtain injections and the hydropower plant Kosinj with accompanying facilities, the reconstruction of the existing hydropower plant Sklope, construction of alternative roads and connection to the electric power grid through a 110kV switchyard and the transmission line 2 x 110 kV including a connection to the electrical distribution grid 10 (20) kV. The value of the project is estimated at 1.54 billion HRK. The construction of the Kosinj accumulation lake is expected to increase the utilization level of water volumes of the rivers Lika and Gacko for the production of electricity by decreasing overflow losses and thereby providing a high level of protection from flooding the downstream areas, Lipovo polje and Kosinjska valley which in the present conditions are flooded almost every year.

“As one of the two components of the overall project of extending the existing Senj hydro-electric system (HES Senj), HES Kosinj will enable increasing the production of electricity of HES Sinj for 230 GWh, namely, 22 percent as compared with the present production. Together with the second segment of the project, the hydroelectric plant Senj 2, it is HEP’s largest project since Croatia’s independence, in the total value of 3.4 billion HRK”, as pointed out by Frane Barbarić.

In addition to the overall amplification of electricity production which will contribute to the growth of Croatia’s energy self-reliance, the project will also increase the share of renewable sources in meeting the electricity consumption needs in Croatia and bring a series of economic benefits to the national and local levels.

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