Renewable Energy Sources of Croatia is expanding to the e-mobility segment with new partners


Renewable Energy Sources of Croatia (RESC) has also expanded to the field of e-mobility, signing a cooperation agreement with the association Strujni krug (Electric Circuit) and the company Business Media Croatia (ZEmobility). Our goal is to work together on promoting the awareness of the broad public of the role which new technologies and sustainable transportation have on the economy as a whole.

“The transportation sector also has to play its role in the achievement of climate neutrality and if we want clean and sustainable mobility, all of us have to seriously and responsibly work to that end. Renewable Energy Sources of Croatia have recognized e-mobility as an important link in the creation of a sustainable future and we are pleased to be working with new partners from this innovative sector and all future ones on the promotion of advantages offered by zero emission vehicles and enhancement of the development of electric mobility within the green economy”, Maja Pokrovac, director of RESC pointed out.

Our new partners are well known entities in the ‘e-world’. Strujni krug, headed by its president Hrvoje Prpić, gathers drivers of electric vehicles in Croatia and its mission is to promote e-vehicles powered by renewable energy. Renowned Croatian entrepreneurs initiated this association in early 2020 in order to expand the use of e-cars on Croatian roads and exert joint efforts towards changes in regulations and establishment of a wide network of charging stations throughout Croatia. Mid last year Strujni krug also became a member of the European Association for Electric Mobility.

Hrvoje Prpić, Chairman of the Association Strujni krug

“Without renewable energy sources the electrification of vehicles would not be complete. Therefore, cooperation with OIEH is natural and directed at the same goal – clean air and a CO2 neutral future. The objective of the Strujni krug Association is to educate the population and authorities on the advantages of electric vehicles. We believe cooperation with OIEH will substantially accelerate this task and shorten the time needed for the whole nation to recognize the advantages of driving electric cars, both environmental and economic ones”, Petar Prpić, Chairman of the Strujni krug Association pointed out.

Business Media Croatia (BMC), headed by director Nenad Žunec is the publishing company of the ZEmobility Magazine and portal for zero emission technologies as well as for new concepts of mobility focused on sustainable solutions in transportation and infrastructure. It promotes all activities that enable the high quality promotion of new technologies with a view to more effective implementation in everyday life. ZEmobility appeared on the market in December 2020 and given that it deals with the promotion of zero emission technologies it was the first magazine of its kind in Croatia.

Nenad Žunec, Director of the BMC Company

“ZEmobility as a medium that promotes zero emission technologies brings together relevant stakeholders in society, thereby creating the broadest platform of know-how and information on new concepts of mobility. OIEH is a welcome partner in that regard since the production of clean energy comes as the basic link in the chain when speaking of zero emissions and sustainable transport. I believe our joint activities will contribute to higher awareness of the environmental aspect of mobility and have an impact on the acceleration of that process in real life”, Nenad Žunec, Director of BMC pointed out.

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