Geva, the world association of e-vehicle drivers established

Foto: Unsplash

The World Association of e-vehicles drivers, Geva was established and officially presented and is comprised of 26 national associations from around the world among which the Croatian association Strujni Krug. According to Lider, the main goal of the Association is to additionally promote electric mobility on the global level.

The objective is to gather best practices and information from various associations of e-vehicle drivers and their members to mutually assist and inform one another and promote e-mobility throughout the world. In addition, the Association wishes to encourage that all personal and light delivery vehicles be plug-in, namely, electric or hybrid by the year 2030. Geva emphasizes that such goals are reachable given the progress of technology while the transition to electric vehicles is additionally accelerated by incentives provided by numerous countries when purchasing an electric vehicle.

Year in year out a significant growth of e-vehicle sales is registered and numerous countries stimulate their purchase while fueling taxes and gas emissions are continually increasing and all green actions promote precisely this type of mobility due to zero exhaust gas emissions. Almost every country in the world has its own association that promotes electric mobility and strives for the rights of present and future e-vehicles drivers, including an association at the EU level, Avere, which submits proposals of new laws to the European Parliament on standards of hazardous gases, such as EURO 6  and future EURO 7 rules.

One of the first activities of the global association will be its participation at the UN Conference on climate change, COP26 in Glasgow in November of this year.

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