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OIKON – Institute for Applied Ecology is a New Partner and Member of the RES Croatia Association

OIKON – The Institute for Applied Ecology, the leading licensed and accredited consulting company/research institute in the field of applied ecology in Croatia and the region, is a new partner of the Association of Renewable Energy Sources of Croatia (RES Croatia).

– 22 years of experience

– 1400 projects

– More than 300 clients

– 7 doctors of science, 92% university level employees

– 4 departments

– 4 laboratories

In its 22 years of activity, this private and independent firm has successfully implemented over 400 contracts for more than 300 clients. Among its employees are experts for renewable energy sources, experts for birds, bats, wild beasts and habitats, environmental experts  and  those for the assessment of the impact on the environment, and in addition to Croatia it has abundant experience on projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia, Albania, Turkey, Great Britain and Cypress.  It cooperates with leading consulting and research organization throughout Europe and as of recent is a member of the RES Croatia Association.

On the basis of a relationship based on partnership and cooperation, RES Croatia and Oikon will work towards a common goal: accelerating the development of renewable energy sources and modeling  solutions for a sustainable and resistent society.

“We joined the membership of RES Croatia because we believe our place is there. It is our natural environment. In Oikon we have always seen the future in the present and it is precisely in the present that  we are striving to change it for the better. There is no doubt that the transition to renewable sources of energy is unstoppable and we wish to cooperate with all those who promote and expedite it, and RES Croatia is important becomes it brings together all the most relevant RES  industry companies  with which we wish to jointly work, in direct communication and cooperation on making energy production  ‘greener’ and on decarbonising society. Our joint efforts are not only local given that each locality contributes to the realisation of a wider network of objectives. In this case to all the goals of sustainable development and of the goal of 1.5⁰C, not to mention the goals of EU’s Green Plan. In this regard we all need a positive and serious approach which RESC has been fostering from the very beginning in the resolution of the protection of  the environment and nature during the development of the projects and their exploitation. We, on our part, can offer expertise, an interdisciplinarian creativity and an responsible approach”, the director Dalibor Hatič said on that occasion.

“We are faced with a number of challenges. The first is the struggle against climate changes and attempt to lower harmful emissions, in the process of which renewable sources of energy will play a key part, and the second is the preservation of the environment and biodiversity. In order to reconcile   these two challenges we have to act jointly since only in that way we can   come to the best solution. Through good strategic planning the negative effects on the environment can be avoided making it necessary for the inclusion of all stakeholders since only in that manner we can achieve a ‘win-win’ situation in which production capacities can be built and at the same time not bring harm to the environment. I am convinced that with Oikon in our membership we will make energy production even ‘greener’ and through joint efforts contribute to the goals of sustainable development”, the director of RES Croatia Maja Pokrovac emphasized.


The fields in which Oikon is active include nature and environment protection, management of natural resources, industrial ecology, renewable sources of energy, ecological modelling, landscape analyses and projections, geographic information system (GIS) and ICT, remote research, communication of environmental issues and environmental law, policy and economy, feasibility studies and  project management programmes.

Oikon has the status of a scientific institute that was awarded to it by the Ministry of Science and Education in 2003. It has also been authorized by the Ministry of the Environment and Energy for carrying out expert activities pertaining to environmental and nature protection, it is a licence holder for the development of forest-economic plans and is authorized to research, educate and elaborate expert studies in the field of fresh water fishing and has the approval for undertaking activities on the protection and preservation of cultural properties and is registered for carrying out geodetic activities.

Since its inception in 1997, the Institute has continually been included in numerous projects of the development of wind farms in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina of which many are already functioning or else in the construction phase. The firm has thereby acquired considerable experience in the field.  In more recent time solar power plants have moved to the operative phase of implementation while previous analyses of possibilities and potentials have to the main part already been implemented as well as  small integrated or non-integrated power plants.

Iokon has been or  still is implementing the activities listed below in respect to the development projects of wind farms and solar power plants:

Wind farms

  • Assessment of the suitability of the location for the construction of wind farms from the viewpoint of environmental and nature protection: 8 locations for HEP renewable energy sources
  • “Optimization of the implementation of monitoring endangered fauna as support to the assessment of the location suitability for the construction of wind farms”; Environmental Protection Fund
  • Research of birds and/or bats and/or wild beasts in connection with wind farms: Mesihovina, Stražbenica, Jelenje, Ripenda, Goli, Jelinak, Fužine, Čemernica, Crni Umac- Moseć
  • Elaboration of a study for the needs of assessing the environmental impact of wind farms: Stražbenica
  • Environmental impact assessment for wind farms (and connecting power lines): Fužine, Udbina, Boraja, Jelinak, Ripenda, Goli, Otrić, Bruvno, Visoka, Perun, Čemernica, Moseć. Crni Umac
  • Assessment of the environmental impact of the connecting power lines for wind farms: Rust
  • Previous and/or main assessment of the impact on the ecological network in regard to wind farms: Ripenda, Goli, Strabežnica, Boraja, Bruvno, Otrić, Moseć.Crni Umac
  • Implementation of regulatory measures of environmental protection of fauna, flora, forest eco-systems and protection from noise in regard to wind farms: Jelinak
  • Monitoring of birds and/or bats and/or wild beasts in regard to wind farms: Podveležje, Jasenice, Senj, Lukovac, Jelinak

Solar power plants

  • Analysis and selection of the most favourable location for the solar power plant on the island of Unije
  • Analysis of the possibility of building solar power plants in the Primorsko-goranska County
  • Analysis of regional plan conditions for the possibility of constructing solar power plants at 5 locations in the Kvarner area
  • Assessment of the required data, development criteria and methodology for the construction of solar power plants in the Republic of Croatia
  • Research of birds and/or bats and/or wild beasts in connection with wind farms: Benkovac, Obrovac Sinjski
  • Assessment of the environmental impact of solar power plants: Obrovac Sinjski, Benkovac
  • Previous and/or main assessment of the impact of solar power plants on the ecological network: Obrovac, Sinjski, Benkovac

Oikon was (and remains) an important link in the moulding of the Croatian wind and solar energy industry and creation of preconditions for the decarbonisation of the Croatian energy sector by providing expert and scientifically based foundations as well as participation in the implementation of decision making procedures on the acceptability of the undertakings in regard to the environment.

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