New edition of the Sector Analyses Publication:  the Energy Sector – Renewable Energy Sources

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The new edition of the publication “Sektorske analize” (Sector Analyses) published an analysis of the state and trends in the energy sector: renewable energy sources. Following the analysis of the main indicators of the renewable energy sources sector in the European Union and in Croatia, the author, Biljana Kulišić, presented a review of the development of the market of electric power from renewable energy sources in Croatia.

In 2020, the Republic of Croatia produced 31.03 percent of energy from renewable sources in the total gross consumption of which the share of electric power amounted to 53.82 percent and heating and cooling to 36.8 percent. In 2020  the share increased by 2.36 percentage points in comparison to 2019 which can be attributed to the increased production of electric power from renewable sources (4.4 percentage points) and enhanced use of renewable source energy in transportation (0.74 percentage points). The share of energy from renewable sources in transportation in the overall gross consumption of energy amounted to 6.59 percent in 2020.

In the transportation sector, the highest share of RES energy was registered in equivalent biofuels (85.8 percent) while the share of electric energy amounted to 14.2 percent in 2020. The total volume of consumed equivalent fuels as RES energy in transportation in 2020 grew by 4.5 percent (from 62.01 to 65.6 kilo-tonne of oil equivalent) which makes the overall growth of 85.5 percent as compared to 2019.

The highest share of 91.4 percent of individual RES in the heating and cooling sectors in 2020 was registered in the overall consumption of RES energy followed by derived heat with a share of 7.74 percent and energy from heating pumps with only 1.22 percent of all the RE sources in the heating and cooling sectors.

In 2020, 2.708 GWh of electric power from RES was produced in Croatia in 1.351 plants within the framework of the incentive system with an overall installed capacity of 922 MW. The installed capacity of the plants was smaller than in 2019 by 3 percent. Up to October 2021, there were also 1.354 RES power plants within the RES incentive system with an overall installed capacity of 031.78 MW.

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