Marking the Global Wind Day RESC organizes a scientific-expert meeting in Šibenik

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June 15th is the Global Wind Day and in that occasion the Renewable Energy Sources of Croatia organizes “Days of Good Wind” a scientific-expert meeting with international participation as well as visit Petrol’s wind farm Glunča. The goal is to inform the public with the priorities of exploiting wind energy and functioning of wind aggregates and to stimulate the use of wind energy as an eco-friendly and renewable energy source.  The marking of Global Wind Day, coordinated by EWEA and GWEC, was initiated in 2007 as the European Day of Wind and in 2009 it began to be marked globally.

Our vision is the creation of an improved energy future for Croatia.

Today, 16% of the energy we are using comes from renewable energy source projects of which a large part is from wind farms decreasing import by one billion HRk annually. Why not increase this amount?

The force of wind is enormous as well as the possibility of reshaping our energy system, stimulate energy self-sufficiency and the growth of the economy. To what degree will we utilize this potential depends on all of us. This is the first scientific-expert gathering focusing on the development and system of acquiring energy from wind the value of which was recognized by the relevant experts from the fields of energy  and renewable energy sources who will participate in the programme with their presentations and panel discussion including Tomislav Čorić the Minister of the Environment and Energy whose presence only goes to confirm the fact.

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