President Milanović received the representatives of the Dutch Green Trust Company

Foto: Ured predsjednika Republike Hrvatske / Marko Beljan

The President of the Republic Zoran Milanović held a meeting with the representatives of the Dutch Green Trust Company, its director Jeroen Boerkampson, project manager of the Wind Farm Lićki Medvjed project, Jorick Messink, and manager for Croatia, Goran Trško –  according to the announcement from the President’s Office.

At the meeting, the representatives of the Company acquainted President Milanović with the Lički Medvjed wind farm project which the Green Trust Company is preparing together with its German Partner, the Enercon Company in the vicinity of Otočac. The Lički Medvjed wind farm is currently the largest project of its kind in Croatia with the planned investment value of  500 million EUR – the representatives of the Green Trust Company pointed out at the meeting.  In addition, they emphasized that the planned capacity of the wind farm amounted to 425MW and that the planned annual production of green energy is to be 1 TW h.

The representatives of the Green Trust Company pointed out that in addition to providing new jobs, the Lički Medvjed wind farm also plans to directly assist local sustainable projects and initiatives and clarified that it intends to establish a fund which will support, with 200 thousand EUR annually, local sustainable projects geared at enhancing economic, social and ecological living conditions. They also emphasized that the development of the wind farm will improve the infrastructure in the Otočac area and its surroundings gave that the realization of the project calls for the construction of 25 kilometers of roads and investments in the construction of a new high voltage grid.

Apart from President Milanović the presentation of the project was also attended by Julije Domac, the President’s adviser for energy and climate.