Presentation of the Solar Map of the City of Varaždin

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In cooperation with the Regional Energy Agency Sjever (REA Sjever), Varaždin launched a web platform with a map of the potential use of solar energy in the area of the City of Varaždin. Neven Bosilj, the mayor of the city of Varaždin and the director of the Regional Energy Agency Sjever, Ivan Šimić presented the project of the Solar Map of the city of Varaždin.

“A map of the solar potential for every housing structure in the city of Varažiin has been worked out. The city will participate in co-financing the installation of solar panels, namely, in the drawing up of the project documentation which our citizens must submit so as to encourage them to an even greater degree to use green energy and to become truly aware of its benefits. Each one of our citizens can visit the website where they will find the application and see the savings each one of them can achieve through a certain period of time as well as the cost of the investment. After the Fund for Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection announces the invitation by which our citizens can be co-financed up to 40% for the installation of solar panels, the City of Varaždin will additionally co-finance the drawing up of the project documentation. Today when the prices of energy are growing by the day this is one of the ways in which we can protect our citizens’ living standards”, mayor Neven Bosilj pointed out.

The director of REA Sjever, Ivan Šimić pointed out that it was one of the results of the European project initiated a few years ago. “The City of Varaždin is our partner in this European project which was initially directed towards the ‘greening’ of social apartments. It was then that we became aware of energy poverty as one of the more pronounced problems. We wish to propel citizens’ investments and enhance the investment cycle after the pandemic crisis but also try to help citizens pay their bills”, Šimić underlined.

The pilot project co-financed by the funds from the European Union within the project Social Green from The Interreg Europe program enables citizens to acquire basic information on the solar potential of the roofs of their own houses. That means that owing to this platform citizens can get an estimated calculation of the proposed plant capacity, investment costs, energy savings and CO2 emissions, and most importantly the cost-effectiveness of solar plants. The solution covers almost all the structures in the area of the city and all the 9 suburban settlements. In addition, the map is adjusted to the users, is easy to use and offers information linked to all the steps they have to take on the way to a solar plant.

Citizens can get detailed information from REA Sjever by posting questions through the contact scheme. Experts from REA Sjever have for years now been providing free-of-charge consulting services in the preparation of projects for the energy reconstruction of family homes and multiple apartment buildings as well as support in the applications for public invitations for co-financing projects, including the part of the application for the installation of solar plants. Accordingly, this platform as well has already been adapted to provide the calculation of the cost-effectiveness of solar plants with 40% co-financing from the Fond for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency.

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