Vivo Somnia – Zagreb Consulting Firm for Renewable Energy Sources begins taking cryptocurrencies as payment for its services


Vivo Somnia, a Zagreb company engaged in consulting, development and management of renewable energy source projects expanded its services portfolio and introduced an interesting novelty. the possibility of paying for the sought-after solutions of saving and producing energy with cryptocurrencies.

The new service was introduced in cooperation with Electrocoin, a company dealing with mediation in cryptocurrency trading and processing of crypto payments. Among their solutions is PayCek that enables companies to charge their services in a simple manner in cryptocurrencies. “PayCek is integrated into our business dealings and enables automatic transactions between cryptocurrencies and kuna“ – the director clarified the activities of his company which include designing and installing roof photo-voltage systems, heat elevators, EV chargers and energy storage solutions.

Edo Jerkić. Director of the Vivo Somnia Company

He goes on to say that they decided to introduce cryptocurrency payments due to the increasing number of cryptocurrency users in Croatia and the world and considering that they are active in the energy sector and participate through the energy transition in the process of its decentralization it seemed, as he continues to note, a quite logical step to link it to the cryptocurrency market which for years now has been creating changes towards the decentralization of the financial sector.

“I believe that linking the decentralization of financing with the decentralization of energy production is quite necessary for the future. This is only the first step in that direction. In addition, we are participating in new projects which will increasingly connect the market of decentralized financing with renewable energy source projects and the electric power market”, Jerkić emphasized.

A small team of experts in the Zagreb Company has already completed designs for more than 200 systems, worked on eight studies and projects for solar power plants and battery systems in Zagreb, Cres, Korčula, Krk as well as for hotels, houses, companies, factories. One of their more recent projects is the solar plant with a total capacity of 50 kW on the covered parking lot of the company Adriatic Tank Terminals. Vivo Somnia provided construction and installation of this plant that should become fully operational in a month’s time.

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