The BDV Law Firm is a new member of RESC

BDV odvjetničko društvo

BDV is the first law firm that recognized the importance of sector connectivity and cooperation with RES industry stakeholders in Croatia and has recently become our new member. It was established in 2017 by partners who have been active for decades in legal consulting of clients from a variety of industries, including the energy sector.

It is active in the Croatian market as well as in the markets of South-Eastern Europe and consults both domestic and international clients in its regular business operations and provides legal aid to international law firms.

The mission of the law firm is to contribute, by providing the best possible services, to raising the quality of the legal system in the Republic of Croatia up to the level of quality in the West European and Central European countries.

Laurenz W. Vuchetich

One of the partners in the BDV Law Firm, Laurenz W. Vuchetich, pointed out the importance of the cooperation of stakeholders in the green transition in Croatia in order to achieve the common goal – energy independence with renewable energy sources. This goal is shared both by the European Union and the RESC Association.

“Our team is joining RESC at a time when the demand for renewable energy sources in Croatia is rapidly changing. The efforts of numerous companies, among them the traditional oil companies, for achieving carbon neutrality will also require new approaches in the structuring of relations between producers, buyers and regulators. Given that we were actively included in numerous projects linked to renewable energy sources, we believe we can contribute to RESC by sharing our experience and assisting in the shaping of new and transformed legislative and regulatory solutions. We are looking forward to cooperating with all the RESC members”.

Fields of activity of the BDV Law Firm

BDV provides legal services in various fields of law with special emphasis on transactional and regulatory issues for corporate and clients from the public sector. The Firm has considerable experience in the fields of mergers and acquisitions as well as bank and financial transactions, including real estate.

BDV activities cover sectors for which the team members developed a high level of expertise, which include energy, information technologies, infrastructure and transportation, retail, financial services, the media and telecom as well as risk capital funds.

BDV and energy

BDV consulted numerous clients on a variety of regulatory questions linked to tax legal and transaction issues in the energy sector (development, transmission, supply and trade).

In regard to energy in the broader sense of the word and which includes conventional and renewable energy sources, joint ventures, restructuring, and financing of projects – BDV has acquired enviable experience in the understanding of legal regulations as well as of all connected procedures and adjusts its knowledge to the expertise in a cooperative, taxation, and financial law as well as in the resolution of litigations.

Maja Pokrovac, managing director of RESC, recognized the potential of quality cooperation and welcomed the arrival of the BDV Law Firm among the RESC membership, emphasizing the importance of joint work.

“The RESC members have great knowledge and experience – the RES industry, investors, developers, equipment producers, consultants, nature and environment protection experts, as well as experts for property-legal relations jointly and actively cooperate in six working groups…We are pleased that BDV has recognized the seriousness of our work and the results we are achieving and has joined our RESC membership as the first law firm. The legal segment in the development of the RES sector is exceptionally important and we wish to contribute as qualitatively as possible to that segment. We have therefore decided, following the European model, to prepare, through the Association, RES Simplify for Croatia on the basis of which we will detect and analyze all the administrative bottlenecks on the road to implementing RES projects in our country. We will suggest ways to simplify and shorten the procedures in order to achieve clarity and transparency since it is the only way for them to serve the purpose of the further development of the RES sector. I believe that through its participation as a new member of RESC, the BDV Law Firm will contribute considerably by their understanding of legal procedures but also acquire new crucial know-how through this process of joint work.”

– Maja Pokrovac, RESC Managing Director.

Tomislav Sadrić, one of BDV Law Firm’s partners, also spoke of the importance of joint work with RESC members and it benefits.

Tomislav Sadrić

“RESC is undoubtedly the most important professional association in the Croatian energy sector and represents the central meeting place of all stakeholders, for exchanging experience and designing proposals for the improvement of the regulatory framework in the energy sector. We are convinced that the membership will help us in the daily legal consulting of our clients and at the same time we are pleased to be able to contribute to the work of the Association with our experience and efforts.”

Proud of our team

Internal effectiveness processes are of great value in BDV which help the maintenance of a high level of efficiency, and that is undoubtedly important for every client. From the very start of its activities, BDV has been using top-notch software for managing processes in the law firm and maintains its internal design platform. The Firm also uses software that enables the distribution and monitoring of projects in real-time, which has a positive effect on the efficacy and agility of the whole team.

The strategic commitment of the firm has been to keep and promote the most talented lawyers and thereby maintain the legal know-how for the fields of their practice.

The Firm is gradually growing, so the initial team of five has now grown to fifteen professionals.

With the current number of lawyers, the Firm believes that it can additionally optimize its processes and in that way provide quality services to its clients.

Welcome to RESC!

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