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‘Fieldwork4Res’ panel discussion held on the topic of regulatory frameworks for renewable energy sources

In the organization of the IT System, a Fieldwork4Res panel discussion was held on 10 February 2020 in the premises of the Golf Clubhouse.  The development of an integrated solution for managing property and support of investment processes, design, planning, and implementation of the development of renewable energy sources ‘Fieldwork4 Res’ requires the constant exchange of information between the IT sectors and renewable energy sources. Accordingly, IT Systems organized this panel discussion that was financed by the European Union from its European Regional Development Fund.

Regional frameworks for renewable energy sources and investment process challenges

The initiative was launched in order to consider a number of topics such as the regulatory frameworks for renewable energy sources as well as the challenges brought about by investment processes. The guest lecturers/panelists participating in the discussion are top experts in their fields: Kristina Čelić (MINGOR), Maja Pokrovac (OIEH), Mario Klarić (Professio Energia), Bojan Reščec RP Global) and Andro Bačan (EIHP).

As of late, the interest in the development and investment in renewable energy sources is indisputable. The panelists agreed that IT solutions are welcome for the purpose of facilitating and accelerating the processes in question. Given that one of the most pronounced difficulties in the realization of renewable energy sources projects is the attainment of permits, the need of having an IT system that would assist in leading through these complex regulatory conditions is evident.

The implementation of new IT systems is of crucial importance in order for the digitalization of the entire process to evolve in an enhanced and more qualitative way. The key elements in it include the structuring of data with the possibility of transfer from one into another system as well as connectivity with the existing system of e-Dozvole (e-Permits).  Without question, everything should be followed by the congruence of the bodies authorized for the implementation of the adopted legal framework at the level of the Republic of Croatia in the fields of the environment, energy and construction as well as by-laws that define the implementation framework.

In conclusion, emphasis was placed on the importance of drawing up a new version of the central Register of renewable energy sources and cogeneration as well on the privileged producers in order to monitor the projects in all phases of the process. The above should certainly also be followed by more concrete cooperation with local self-government units in order to attain the key to success.

BIM tools and CDE solutions in the sector of renewable energy sources

During the second part of the panel, a constructive discussion was held on the issue of why the renewable energy source sector needs the Common Data Environment (CDE) and what were the possibilities of scientific cooperation on BIM (Building Information Modelling) models. Prominent experts in their respective fields participated in the discussion: Marko Delimar(FER Zagreb), Vedran Orešić (Tech Data) Nikola Karadža (Profession Energia) and Josip Živković from RP Global.

It is encouraging that BIM tools and CDE solutions are already used in practice in the building sector, mostly in infrastructure projects and construction of buildings. In the EU,  the obligation is already in place of using BIM tools for specific projects. The renewable energy source sector should certainly assess the values which BIM and CDE contribute in the phases of planning, designing and maintenance.

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