Croatian President Established Energy Transition Council


The Energy Transition Council of the President of the Republic has been established. The new body which is entrusted with the task of organizing and leading expert discussions on particularly significant issues from the field of energy transition (transition to clean and sustainable energy sources and climate protection) with a view to preparing and communicating expert groundwork and guidelines from the field of energy transition and elaboration of a strategic platform benefiting Croatia was founded by the President of the Republic of Croatia Zoran Milanović. The decision on the establishment of the Council for Energy Transition of the President of the Republic was published in the “Official Gazette” (NN/90/2020) from August 7, 2010.

The president of the Council is Julije Domac, special adviser to the President for energy and climate and director of the Regional Energy Agency for Northwest Croatia (REGEA) while the members are prominent energy and economic experts and scientists:  

1. dr. sc. Ivan Andročec

2. Dražen Jakšić

3. Darko Jardas

4. Vedrana Jelušić Kašić

5. prof. dr. sc. Daria Karasalihović Sedlar

6. Mario Klobučar

7. doc. dr. sc. Ankica Kovač

8. Kristijan Lovrenščak

9. mr. sc. Boris Markota

10. Dino Novosel

11. Bojan Reščec

12. Toni Vidan

13. dr. sc. Maruška Vizek

14. mr. sc. Sandra Vlašić

15. Hrvoje Zovko

16. doc. dr. sc. Tea Žakula

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